What does “secure locations at school” mean?

Lockers with a lock (school will supply one if student does not have a lock), Classrooms that are being supervised and/or locked and other assigned areas that the school has designated as ‘secure’ storing locations.

Can we use the assigned backpack to put books and other materials in?

Yes.  But do not overfill and ONLY put  the Macbook in the laptop area of the bag.  Always set the backpack down with respect.

Which classes are the Macbooks going to be used in?

ALL of them. That is why you need to have it at school every day. There may be a day that one of your teachers does not use it but the other 7 will. MUST have you MacBook at school everyday.

Will the student get the same Macbook next year?

Yes.  They will keep the same Macbook throughout their high school career.  They will also keep the same Macbook if they transfer within the county’s high schools. This will also include the sae backpack and powercords.

Will students be able to download and install software and apps?

No.  This will be restricted.  If there are additional software or apps needed for educational uses or other approved situations.  The tech department will assist in installation.

What types of security features are on the Macbook?

Multi-levels of security will be used.  The first and most import is the student’s username and new password.  They are not to share this with anyone but their parents/guardians.  Other levels include, but are not limited to: 1) being able to monitor screen activity at school, 2) capturing inappropriate desktop activity, 3) capturing keystrokes, activity logs, 4) remote locking of the device anywhere.

Can the Macbook be monitored remotely at home?

No. As part of the security features there is filtering software installed and also keystrokes/activity logs will be captured and checked in the case of investigations or issues.

Can the school access the built in web camera?

No. The school system is not and will not be installing any software for them to access the built in camera remotely.  If the student and/or parent wishes to cover the camera it is ok (must use non-tacky adhesive)

Can the students personalize the Macbook?

Yes. Student can decorate with appropriate “skins”.  Students may not use adhesive based stickers or application of any kind to decorate.

Can the students personalize the assigned backpacks?

Yes. Not with “permanent” marking or decorations.

Will “find my phone” be turned on?

No.  Apple has given educational institutions the ability to lock the devices the anywhere in the world.  Also to erase and make the device unusable to anyone but Jackson County Schools is tring to use it. There are additional security that can be used in the case of lost or stolen devices.

What are the educational benefits of 1:1?

Students will have access to a wide range of engaging instructional materials. Teachers will have the ability to provide a blended learning environment which will maximize the use of instructional time during the school day. Students will be working with 21st century workplace tools to research and prepare assignments and projects. A 1:1 device environment will expand the ability of students to work collaboratively on projects as assigned by the teacher. As the 1:1 initiative grows, the introduction of a Learning Management System (LMS) will enhance the way: 1) class materials are presented, 2) assignments are made and tracked, 3) students submit assignments, 4) tescher grade assignment, and 5) students/parents are informed of class grades.

Do parents/students have to purchase insurance and what do you recommend?

No.  We recommend contacting your insurance agent/agency  or a local insurance agent to find out if you can add a “rider” to your policy.  You can also search and find other personal avenues for personal insurance for electronic devices.

What precautions against theft at school are being taken by JCS?

Training students, teachers, custodians, bus drivers and all JSC staff members is the first line and best line of defense against loss and theft.  We will be proactive about this.  Additionally, students should only put unattended backpacks with devices in ‘secure areas’. There is an operational camera system in the high schools for added security.

Can student use their own Apple ID on the 1:1 Macbooks?

Yes.  Students can use personal Apple ID’s on Jackson County School 1:1 Macbooks but must always abide by AUP requirements of acceptable media and content.