We need to know as quickly as possible how many students will be in each class in order for teachers to plan their instruc­tion and buy supplies. Because of this need for commitment, adults must pay for classes when they register. Any class with less than 10 registered may be canceled. It is best to register as early as possible as most classes have a maximum number, and classes are filled on a “first-come, first-served” basis. All class fees must be paid when registering.FEES: Some classes require an additional supply fee which covers materials and textbooks used in class. Supply fees will be paid to the teacher at the first class, but the class fee must be sent with the registration form.REFUND POLICY: If a class is full or if one is canceled because of low enrollment, you will be notified and a full refund will be made. If you decide not to attend a class for which you have signed up, please call to cancel; this will allow another student to take your place. Refunds will be made until the day of the second class.ELIGIBILITY: Adult Education classes are designated for adults 18 years old and over and not en­rolled in high school. Education­al opportunities will be offered without regard to sex, race, color, age, religion, national origin, or disability. The County Career-Technical Education Office, how­ever, does reserve the right to de­termine a person’s eligibility due to lack of previous experience.ADULT EDUCATION CLASS­ES WILL BE CANCELED:when public schools have been closed due to bad weath­er or other emergencies,when bad weather occurs during the early evening (for information, listen to local radio stations), and on school holidays.

GENERAL INFORMATION:Enrollment in most class­es is limited. Enroll early.You will need pencil and paper for most classes.Tobacco products may not be used on school grounds.Please do not bring children to class.TO REGISTER:Compete a registration form for each class you want to at­tend. You may make additional copies of the registration form or print a form from the Jack­son County Schools Website @ http://boe.jack.k12.wv.usEnclose proper fee for each class.Make a separate form and pay­ment for each class payable to Jackson County Board of Educa­tion.