General Information

Child Guidance  


WV Policy 2525 requires that “all guidance, behavior management, and discipline practices are constructive and educational in nature, appropriate to each child’s age and circumstances, and in keeping with the WV Pre-K program’s policies and procedures.”

Court Orders and Custody

State law maintains that both parents have access to their child unless there are legal documents which define the restrictions.  In situations involving child custody disputes or restraining orders, a copy of the court order MUST be in the child’s file.  School personnel cannot prohibit contact with either parent without current court orders. 


Dress Code


Children should dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather.  Children are engaged in outdoor play for 60 minutes a day.  We do not go outside in inclement weather.  If your child wears a dress, she should wear a pair of shorts underneath.  For your child’s safety, flip-flops are not  recommended to be worn to school.  


Child Abuse and Maltreatment


Under WV Code (49-6A-2) preschool personnel must report any case of suspected or actual child abuse, maltreatment, and neglect.  Understand that when a report of child abuse or neglect  is made, it does not place blame.  We report signs of and symptoms of suspected abuse or neglect. 






Transportation to and from the child’s preschool is not guaranteed.  It is provided by the school, Head Start, or childcare center only if available.  Transportation is not required per WV  Policy 2525. If your child rides a bus provided by Jackson County Schools, a parent or guardian must be at the bus stop for pick-up and drop-off.  If the parent or guardian is not available, he/she must  designate a person that is 18 years or older to be responsible for the child at the pick-up and drop-off points. 



Additional or more specific information will be provided by the individual school or center including attendance, transportation, and parental involvement