Jackson County Schools

1:1 Technology Pilot Program



The MacBook Air will be equipped with the following software and built-in features:

  • Safari - web browser

  • Pages - Word processor and publisher

  • Numbers - Spreadsheet

  • Keynotes - Presentations

  • Dictionary

  • Graphing 3D Calculator

  • Notes Application

  • iPhoto

  • iMovie

  • GarageBand

  • Photo Booth

  • iTunes

  • AirDrop - file transfer from Mac to Mac

  • AirPlay - connection to Apple TV

Accessibility Features:

  • Text to Speech

  • Zoom

  • Voice commands

  • Text Summary

In addition, the following software will be added by by Jackson County Schools:

  • Microsoft Office 2013 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)

  • Google Chrome - web browser

  • Firefox - web browser

  • VCL player - video file player

Plugin software for view and using interactives online:

  • Flash

  • Java

  • Java 3d

  • Adobe Reader

  • Shockwave player

Antivirus Protection:

  • An antivirus program will not be loaded on the device. This decision was based on the district’s research and own operational experience with the device. Apple products are far less susceptible to viruses and antivirus programs may interfere with the desired operation of the device in the educational environment.

Monitoring and Management Software:

  • Netsweeper Client, provided by the WVDE will provide filtering of internet usage, 24/7 regardless of location.

  • Apple Remote Desktop

  • Jackson County Schools will not install ANY software/apps which provide the ability to remotely activate the camera on the device.

Jackson County Schools will have the ability to:

  • lock the device if lost or stolen

  • restrict website to a certain number

  • Restrict the ability of students to add apps

Orientation to the device:

  • Students that do not have operational knowledge of the operating system of the MacBook Air will be provided orientation opportunities during class, during additional tutorial sessions (videos or in person), and through a “help desk” provided at the school.