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Will not power on.  I have plugged it in and pushed the power button and nothing.

1.)  Unplug.  Push and hold power button for 15 seconds.

2.) Plug in and make sure you see the small orange charging light on the magnet end.

(Note - if the charge light does not work.  Plug into another outlet.  If that does not work the charger could be bad.  Bring to the help desk.)

3.) If MacBook is charging.  Wait 5 minutes before pushing the power button.

If this does not work bring to the school's help desk.



“Spinning Pinwheel of Death! (SPOD)”

Ways to stop “Spinning Pinwheel of Death! (SPOD)” on a MAC


1.  Try to force quit the App: 

a.     Hold "Control” and Click: on the App

b.  Press "Option” - “Command” and the “Esc” keys together.

c. Click on the Apple on menu and choose “Force Quit”

2.  Force a restart of your computer :

a.      Press "Command” and “Control” and then hold the “Power Button” for 3 seconds.



Startup progress bar does not move "Frozen"

1.) Press and hold the power button until MacBook goes off.

2.) Press and hold the letter "D" key (keep holding) then press power button (you can release the power button)

3.) After you get to the log in screen you can release the "D" key

(if prgress bar stops again - repeat from #1 but hold the shift key this time)

4.) Log in and IMMEDIATELY RESTART your MacBook to correct this issue.

If this does not fix the progress bar.  

Press and hold the power button until it goes off and bring to the school's help Desk.



MacBook will not charge.

1.) Plug in the power cord and then attach to MacBook - does the charging light come on?  If yes continue to #2 - If no, plug into another outlet and try again.  If light does not come on this is possible bad power cord.  Bring cord AND McBook to school's help desk.

2.) Wait 5 minutes before turning on.  If it comes on but still does not seem to charge.  Shutdown and keep plugged in over night to see if charges.

(Note - if the charge light is not on it will not charge) 

Bring to the school's help desk if MacBook does not charge trying the above.

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